BR560 MAG Straight Arm Barrier Gate

-NLS Technology
-Standard common design
-Arm length : 6 meters
-Speed : 6 second
-Optional arm protection foam lining



BR560 is a heavy duty barrier that can support up to 6 meter arm with slow steady 6 sec opening speed. BR560 is ideal for industrial factory that requires widest entrance in order to accommodate big truck. With 2 units BR560 installed facing each other; we can achieve maximum 12 meter space clearance at entrance.

Most barrier gate failure point is due to limit switch. Limit switch is used to determine opening and closing position of arm and constantly subjects to mechanical wear and tear. The more you use it the faster it will fail. Arm will be seen to tilted drop down or tilted backward in opening position. This looks ugly and give bad impression to your home or building. Barrier gate that uses limit switch requires a lot of maintenance to adjust or change limit switch which will incur more down time and higher maintenance cost.

MAG is very focused on barrier gate product line therefore we do maintain repair service team and spare parts locally. If there is any problems with the barrier gate, you can send back to us for repair or easily purchase spare parts from us for replacement. Compared to other brands by other supplier, you might need wait 1-2 months for parts to be imported.

MAG BR560 is simply the best value barrier gate system. MAG is your first step in security for entrance guard house in condominium, commercial building and factory. Ask for MAG barrier gate with “No limit switch” design today.